Reviews on sports derived from motocross

Even though there are different types of sports, some are supposed to have crazy audience all over the world. Motor cycle racing is one such sport which has crazy fans in all age group. People who have keen interest towards motor cycle racing would have known about the motocross. This is nothing but off road racing and they are more popular in the countries of United Kingdom. The sport will be much interesting that the viewers will be thrown into adventurous experience along with great excitement. Some of the sports which are derived from motocross are discussed in this article.


Super Moto

While considering this sport, the bikes will be converted in order to do racing on tracks. The most important thing is the track will have three different sections. Each section will have different obstacles which should be overcome by the racer. The obstacles include pave road, flat dirt and dirt obstacles. It will be a great challenge for the rider to overcome these obstacles. In order to overcome these hassles, the riders will use the bikes which are made up of special racing tires. This will provide them a better grip while riding on the tracks with different obstacles.

Pit bikes

This is another interesting sport that comes under this category. In this sport, the motor bikes which are very small will be used. As the name indicates, the event will be conducted around pits. The pit bikes will be something different from other normal racing bikes. In the recent days many aesthetic upgrades have also been done to these bikes in order to increase the comfort of the racer to a greater extent. In most cases, the pit bikes will be heavily customized with many parts which can enhance the performance of the racer.

Free style

This can be considered to be a new version of this sport. This interesting sport was started by Marco Urzi who is also a South African Champion. The interesting part of this game, the winner will be chosen by the group of judges. They will score the racer based on several factors. Especially they will make note of the trick and difficulties handled by the racer to a greater extent. As the name indicates, the style and approach will get varied from one player to the other. The racer who tends to perform the best will be declared as the winner based on the scores provided by different judges.